A password free Ubercloud for all your cloud content. Secure files and directories inside your Ubercloud including Box, Dropbox and even Facebook account.

A cross platform Uber-cloud solution where individual biometrics eliminates web site and mobile application reliance on usernames and passwords. Server files and objects BIOENCRYPTED in real time and distributed across the Ubercloud. There has been a global loss of internet privacy, our personal information and data easily be acquired by hackers, or thieves and at best only sold to marketing companies resulting in endless spam or secretly handed over to government agencies. The itsME!Rocks APP and the Ubercloud provide a unique cloud storage solution to the problems of password overload, access security and privacy. The Uber-cloud and itsME!Rocks , provide tools that work seamlessly with the bioencrytped data stored in the uber-cloud.

Things I Can Do

Build things that know its You and are loyal only to You. Preserve and organize our life's images, words, sounds and information in new ways so that the world and the future hear You screaming "Its ME!, I lived and I mattered. I AM" . ItsME! is an idea that ROCKS.

A Few Accomplishments

It's Me! Is your own personal cloud. And unlike other cloud services, the itsME! Cloud is unique to you. How's is that? The other cloud services store your information in the same place and same way as everyone else. But it's Me! uses your body's uniqueness and creates a truly personal space inside the any cloud service. And there is more! If you want you can forget about passwords, user names or giving your email address to advertising companies and spammers. You enroll with only your biometric data, and only It's Me! knows its you because there is only ONE You! Until now, we all secured our digital lives daily with user names and passwords. And we use the same user names and passwords over and over, sometimes with minor changes, relying on birthdays, names of pets, addresses and other 'comfortable’ memory aids. Unfortunately hackers can easily decipher those kinds of user name/password combinations. And hacking has turned into big business. Hackers and their clients are making a fortune preying on the misery of others. Well guess what? It's a solvable problem. Biometric technology allows information based on extremely unique and individual characteristics to be your user/password combination. And our "Its Me!" enrollment relies on your unique biometric keys to identify you to the itsMe! platform. Using a voice command combined with facial recognition or some other biometric, itsME! verifies this information and gives you access to accounts and files. Voice recognition by itself is a good identifier but has been shown to be susceptible to high level sophisticated recordings. Facial recognition systems work by looking at the size, shapes, and lengths between your eyes, jaws, nose and cheekbones. When voice is combined with smart phone facial recognition, this is a biometric snowflake combination that is such a solid and personal identifier, no one can access your cloud but you. This is where we need your support. We need to continue to underwrite the costs of our technology team to build out the smart phone facial recognition software. Biometrics will secure all your data, videos and other goodies on your own personal cloud. Please help our tech team build your own, personal biometrically secured data cloud. “Its Me!”